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Ice Rental Information

Ice is available from September to March.


  • Prime Time: $235 + GST
  • Day Time before 3:00 pm (Monday to Friday): $155 + GST
  • Inservice / Stat Day: $235 + GST


  • Prime Time: $270 + GST
  • Day Time before 3:00 pm (Monday to Friday): $155 + GST

Other sports rentals, April to August, available by contacting [email protected].

Maples Multiplex Arena is a LiveBarn Venue. If you can’t make it to the facility, you can still stay connected by watching all events Live and On Demand.

LiveBarn banner

10% DISCOUNT – PROMO CODE: mpls-mult

LiveBarn is a subscription service that allows you to watch events Live or On Demand for 30 days. Your subscription allows you to watch streams from any LiveBarn-installed venue across the US & Canada.

• Save and share 30-second highlights
• Download entire games/practices
• Tag highlights while watching live, in-venue

Existing subscribers can update their profile to our venue’s promo code.

For more information, visit Download the LiveBarn iOS App or the LiveBarn Android App for easiest mobile viewing – or the LiveBarn tvOS on AppleTV for home theatre viewing.

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